Saturday, June 08, 2019

It's time to renew your ADAVB membership

Renew your membership with the ADAVB - your professional association - to retain your exclusive member benefits that support you in every stage of your career.

To renew, check your inbox for your renewal email. ADAVB members will receive their renewal email starting this weekend and throughout the week, including ADATas members. So keep checking your inbox!

Simply follow the link in the email, follow the prompts and enter your payment details. If you have set up auto-renewal payments, you won’t need to do a thing! And remember - your ADAVB membership fee is a fully tax-deductible work expense. Any questions? We're here to help. Call us on 8825 4600 or email

Why renew? We are here for our members and we value every member. Our Council and committees are made up of a diverse range of members - spanning across different ages, levels of experience, expertise and backgrounds. This helps us stay in tune with and respond to our members' concerns, issues and experiences. We advocate effectively on your behalf and to improve the oral health of our community. Renew today and be supported by exclusive ADAVB member benefits that support you in both your professional and personal life:

Belong, connect and socialise with peers and expand your networks. Feel a sense of belonging to your profession and know that we’re here for you so you can be there for your patients.

Be represented on issues that matter to you. Share your concerns, have a voice and feel empowered by a national and state body standing up for you and your profession.

Get the support you need to be your best. From HR advice, support and advice by our community relations officers/professional consultants and counselling on personal, family and work issues, we’ve got you covered.

Reach your professional potential, explore interest areas, expand your skills and save with free and discounted quality unbiased CPD, suited to your career stage.

Save on car purchases, travel, entertainment, shopping, gym memberships, financial services and more with your ADA lifestyle benefits.

Public sector dentists – have your membership fee reimbursed by your employer

Employed at a public hospital or community health centre? The new Enterprise Bargaining Agreement negotiated on your behalf by the ADAVB and Professionals Australia includes $2000 for reimbursement of ADAVB membership and CPD training costs per financial year (pro rata for part-time employees, not payable to casual employees). Ensure you keep all receipts for CPD from as far back as 1 July 2018 and your new receipts for CPD and ADAVB membership going forward into the new financial year. This reimbursement is claimable through your employer.

Support your colleagues and the oral health of the community

When you pay your membership renewal, please consider a donation to the Benevolent Fund and the eviDent Foundation.

To donate to the Benevolent Fund visit: and select Join us>Benevolent Fund.
To donate to the eviDent Foundation visit:

We look forward to another year representing and supporting you as a valued member of our profession.

Friday, June 07, 2019

Officeworks, Endota and Freedom offers - new to ADA lifestyle benefits

With renewals just around the corner it's a great time to remind members to make the most of ADAVB membership benefits!

Did you know that as well as free and discounted CPD, training and resources and ongoing professional and career support, members also have access to a wide range of lifestyle benefits through the ADA's member benefits program?

So enjoy some rewards. It shouldn't all be hard work. Save on shopping, entertainment, travel, car purchases and more:

  • Endota Spa
  • The Good Guys
  • Freedom
  • Europcar
  • OPSM
  • Officeworks
  • FitnessFirst
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Movie tickets
  • Gift cards
  • Theme park entry

Find out more about what you can save by logging into the ADA website using your federal login:

Or phone Member Benefits on 1300 119 493.

Monday, May 27, 2019

Flexible model needed for implementation of kids’ dental program to ensure timely dental check-ups

The ADAVB has urged the government to take a flexible approach to delivery of their school dental van program to ensure that all children have timely access to the dentist.

Dr Kevin Morris, ADAVB President said, “One in three Australian children have tooth decay in their baby teeth by the age of 5-6 years, so investing in regular visits to the dentist and preventive care is essential to tackle this issue.
Mobile dental vans are appropriate in some circumstances where families cannot readily access a dental clinic, and there are plenty of dentists in existing public and private clinics around Victoria that can provide quality care to children. The dentist workforce is skilled and ready to assist families and the government to deliver on the promise of ensuring the good oral health of Victoria’s children.”

Dr Morris also urged parents to continue taking an active role in their child’s oral health by discussing this with their dentist at each check-up, keeping up good brushing and flossing habits at home, and limiting the consumption of sugary foods and drinks. 

While access to dental care for Victorian children may be improved through this work, the ADAVB has some concerns about the program and is prepared to work with the government to address these including:

  • Encouraging parental engagement or involvement in treatment and prevention
  • Obtaining adequate informed consent without the parent present during treatment, particularly for younger children
  • Impact on existing patient-dentist relationships by moving children from their current provider of choice to the school dental program, including the impact on practice viability
  • Continuity of care with different providers through the school dental program
  • Logistics issues, including electronic records and referral systems
  • Workforce issues, including recruitment and retention of sufficient workforce
  • Provision of specialist dental care for complex cases.

The ADAVB also urged the government to remember the 126,000 Victorian adults, who are still on public dental care waiting lists across the state. While the average waiting time is currently 20.3 months, information obtained by the ADAVB about public dental services shows that some people are still waiting up to four years to see a dentist.

Dr Morris said, “The government is committed to spending millions of dollars to build vans, when this money could be better spent providing treatment to children and adults in existing dental clinics in both the public and private sector. Already they have cut $74 million from the program promise that they took to the election,” said Dr Morris.

The ADAVB remains willing to work with the government to develop flexible solutions to help more people get access to the dental care that they need.

Download full media release 

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

It's almost time to renew your membership

It's almost time to renew your ADAVB membership. Look out for your 2019/2020 renewal email coming in the next few weeks.

Membership renewal is due on 1 July 2019.

Great reasons to renew with your ADAVB:
  • Connect and belong. Learn from peers and senior colleagues, network, socialise and be in the know. 
  • Be represented on issues that matter to you by committee and council members that understand and are in touch with your needs. 
  • Reach your professional potential. Expand your knowledge, technique and skills base. Save with free and discounted quality CPD tailored to you.
  • Get the support you need. Be the best health professional you can be with professional advice, professional indemnity cover, and counselling on personal and work issues.
  • Enjoy some rewards. It shouldn't all be hard work. Save on shopping, entertainment, travel, car purchases and more with ADA lifestyle benefits!
The ADAVB is your professional association – for dentists, by dentists. Renew with us and maintain your exclusive ADAVB member benefits that support you in every stage of your career. We’re here for you, so you can be there for your patients.
We look forward to your continued membership and seeing you at one of our many member events. We're here to represent and support you, and we welcome you to contact us anytime with ideas, concerns or general feedback. Look our for your renewal email coming soon in the next few weeks. 
Pictured above (L-R) some of of our past, present and future ADA federal and branch councillors:
Alan Mann (ADASA President & 2019 Australian Outstanding Young Dentist)
Sean Archibald (ADAWA Vice President)
Gitika Sangvhi (ADAVB Vice President)
Norah Ayad (ADAQ Senior Vice President)
Kang Kim (ADAWA Past President)
Stephen Liew (ADA Federal Executive Councillor, ADAVB Past President and 2017 Australian Outstanding Young Dentist)
Chris Sanzaro (ADATas Past-President & Federal Councillor)

Monday, May 13, 2019

Take the next step in your dentistry career

Apply for the Health Sector Leadership Program - applications are closing soon!

Don't miss your chance to take part in a fully funded leadership program, available for ADAVB members - the Health Sector Leadership Program (HSLP). The HSLP is a specialised program for health professionals who are ready to start their leadership journey. It is delivered by Leadership Victoria and consists of workshops on key leadership themes:

  • Ethics
  • Communication
  • Managing change (influence)
  • Managing change (resilience).

If you are an ADAVB member who has graduated from your dentistry degree in the last ten years, you have leadership aspirations and are currently employed as a dentist, we want to hear from you! This includes ADC graduates.

There are four HSLP places available for successful applicants. Successful applicants must be available to attend ALL module sessions, including the orientation and graduation sessions.

Program dates and modules:
Program orientation: Monday 22 July
Module 1: Monday 12 August
Module 2: Monday 16 September
Module 3: Monday 14 October
Module 4: Monday 11 November
Graduation: Tuesday 26 November

All sessions will be held at one location:
1 Treasury Place
Old Treasury Building
Spring Street, Melbourne

Further information about topics and session times are available in the links below.

Apply in three easy steps:
1. Visit for further information and to apply online.
2. Complete your application This includes your contact details, current employment, curriculum vitae and cover letter.
3. Submit your application You can do this online or via email to

Our CPD team are on hand to help you with any questions you might have about your application. Please call 8825 4600 or email with your enquiry.

Closing date: Thursday 30 May 2019, 5.00pm.

Don't miss this exclusive ADAVB member-only leadership opportunity.
Terms and conditions apply. Visit​
Proudly supported by Guild Insurance.

Apply now for your chance at $5000 or $10,000 for CPD

ADAVB BOQ Specialist $10,000 CPD Practice Bursary

The 2019 ADAVB and BOQ Specialist CPD Practice Bursary is available for ADAVB members in private practice. This practice bursary recognises and supports dental practices that are committed to quality learning through continuing professional development for every practitioner and professional staff member in the practice.

The bursary consists of a grant valued at $10,000 to be used for professional development and training purposes only, of which:

  • $2,000 is to be applied to any CPD courses and/or training programs offered by ADAVB
  • $8,000 is to be applied to any CPD and/or training programs offered by other providers.

Get started on your application and this could be you in 2019:

"It was an unquestionable surprise and privilege to be considered for the 2018 ADAVB BOQ Specialist CPD Practice Bursary. We take great pride in our continuing professional development for all roles at our practice, therefore this grant is very much appreciated and is greatly contributing to our staff training. The advantages of ongoing training and development not only benefit your staff, but the practice as a whole and this will be reflected in the experience your patients receive."
- Dr Sath Saranathan, 2018 Practice Bursary recipient

NEW! ADAVB BOQ Specialist $5000 Recent Graduate Bursary
Supporting the professional development of graduate dentists

The ADAVB BOQ Specialist Recent Graduate Bursary will support the career growth of a young dentist through financial support for continuing education courses. The bursary recognises a recent graduate who demonstrates a commitment to high quality ongoing professional development.

ADAVB members that registered in Australia for the first time between 2011-2019 are welcome to apply. The bursary consists of $5,000 to be spent on courses at ADAVB for professional development and must be spent between September 2019 and September 2021.

Applications for both bursaries close Monday 8 July 2019 5.00 pm and can be made online, via email or in hard copy. Eligibility criteria apply.

Find out more and apply:

Monday, April 29, 2019

Have your say with the ADA Member Survey

Have you completed the ADA Member Survey? The survey is being conducted by Survey Matters, an independent market research company.

Look out for the survey email, sent by Survey Matters, on Tuesday 16 April and a reminder email being sent this week.

The survey also includes specific questions for Victorian members. Victorian members who complete the survey go into the running for one of five $100 CPD vouchers.

The survey closes on Friday 17 May. If you need to leave the survey before you have finished, your responses will be saved so that when you come back to it you don't need to start again.

We encourage you to provide honest and objective feedback. Encourage your fellow ADA members to also complete the survey. The more feedback we have the better we can respond to the issues that are important to you and the profession. Have your say, help shape your association and get the most out of your membership.

If you have any questions or haven't received the survey, please contact Survey Matters on or 03 9452 0101.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Another two EBAs for general dentists approved by Fair Work Commission

More milestones reached

The Fair Work Commission has approved another two 2018-2022 EBAs for general dentists. This milestone follows the first EBA for general dentists employed in public hospitals approved last month - a process we started in 2017! Another milestone, another step towards achieving the respect, recognition and reward for public sector dentists. Thank you to all members for your patience and perseverance in achieving this major goal!

Who is covered by these EBAs?

One EBA covers general dentists employed at five Victorian public hospitals:
  • Albury Wodonga Health 
  • Ballarat Health Services
  • Seymour Health
  • Swan Hill District Health
  • Wimmera Health Care Group
Another EBA covers general dentists employed at three community health centres:
  • Nillumbik Community Health Service
  • North Richmond Community Health
  • Sunraysia Community Health Services
When do these EBAs become effective?

These EBAs will operate from 25 April 2019. Employees can expect any back pay that is owed to them, and to move to their new pay rate, from the first pay period after this date.

What are the employment entitlements in the new EBAs?
  • A four-year agreement, which applies from 1 July 2018 to 30 June 2022
  • Pay increases of six per cent per annum in the first two years and three per cent per annum in years three and four of the agreement
  • Back-pay to 1 July 2018 based on salary increases provided in the agreement
  • $2000 sign on bonus (pro rata for part-time employees, not payable to casuals)
  • Uplift payments for all level 3 employees and employees at level 4a
  • Introduction of hybrid clinical and managerial positions to acknowledge the additional responsibility and work these roles involve
  • 12 weeks paid parental leave 
  • Refer to our new FAQs below for remuneration details
Download the new FAQs on the 2018-2022 EBA for general dentists. 

What is the status of EBAs for dentists employed in community health centres?

Another EBA covering four CHCs was filed with the Fair Work Commission in March 2019 and we are awaiting a response. These CHCs are:
  • Central Bayside Community Health Service
  • cohealth
  • Latrobe Community Health Service
  • Link Health and Community
The following nine CHCs have accepted the agreement and will proceed to an EBA ballot soon:
  • Access Health & Community
  • Connect Health & Community
  • DPV Health
  • EACH
  • Inspiro Community Health 
  • IPC Health
  • Merri Health
  • Star Health
  • Your Community Health
The EBA for CHC employed dentists is yet to be accepted by two CHC employers. Despite the guarantee of state government funding, these CHCs, DHSV and the Department of Health and Human Services have not resolved the funding issues to provide their employee dentists with the same conditions as hospital dentists:
  • Banyule Community Health
  • Sunbury Community Health 
We appreciate that this has been a very frustrating process for some of our members, and we thank you for your patience. We will keep all members updated as negotiations progress.