Thursday, January 11, 2018

Why you won’t be receiving gifts from your dental product suppliers any longer

Do your dental product suppliers tend to ‘throw things in’ or give you gifts on special occasions? If so, you can expect that to stop.

The revised Australian Dental Industry Association (ADIA) Code of Practice, implemented on 1 January, prohibits its dental product supplier members from offering gifts to dental professionals when they order, purchase or are being supplied with therapeutic products.

The ADIA made this revision after the Australian Government expressed concerns that marketing and promotional activities in the therapeutic products industry may inappropriately influence the decision making of healthcare professionals.

ADIA Chief Executive Officer Troy Williams said, ‘Although there was no suggestion that this was occurring in the dental industry, ADIA was pleased to work within an Australian Government requirement that there be consistency across the codes published by all associations in the therapeutic products sector. Thus the dental industry now works within the same framework as not only elsewhere in the medical devices sector, but also the medicines sector.’

This revised Code supports the dental industry’s commitment to the ethical promotion of dental therapeutic products.

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