Friday, June 08, 2018

Dentists and dental specialists at the Royal Dental Hospital of Melbourne to vote on strike action

Dentists and dental specialists at the Royal Dental Hospital of Melbourne (RDHM) have taken the unprecedented step of joining together to seek approval for protected industrial action from the Fair Work Commission.

A year after their Enterprise Bargaining Agreements expired, public sector dentists and dental specialists have been left dangling, after negotiations with the Victorian Hospitals’ Industrial Association reached an impasse.

Yesterday the Fair Work Commission issued an order to allow a protected action ballot.

Victoria’s public dental system is in crisis, with new data exposing waiting times of up to four years for vulnerable Victorians. Less than 20% of eligible Victorians are accessing care annually and there are more than 150,000 languishing on waiting lists.

Public dentists and dental specialists in Victoria are paid up to 40% less than their colleagues interstate, impacting on the recruitment and retention of experienced and dedicated clinicians required to provide the care that Victorians need.

Public dentists and dental specialists are pushing for greater respect, recognition and reward for the care they provide to Victorians. ADAVB and Professionals Australia are supporting members to seek a fairer outcome in negotiations for their new enterprise agreement.

ADAVB members who work at RDHM will now participate in a vote to determine what strike action they will take.
  • If you are a dentist or dental specialist working at RDHM, ensure you are eligible to vote and take action by ensuring you are an ADAVB member.
  • Ensure you have nominated ADAVB as your bargaining representative, with the Royal Dental Hospital of Melbourne listed as your employer
  • Ensure that ADAVB has your current home address details, as this is where your ballot papers will be posted by the Australian Electoral Commission.
Only ADAVB members can participate and support action. 
    Not a member? Now is the time. Contact ADAVB now and join today Email or phone us on 8825 4600.

    Not a public sector dentist but keen to show your support?
    Send a message to the Victorian Government that all Victorians deserve a healthy smile by signing the petition at