Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Dentists Wellbeing Ergonomics Programme launched

Dentists and dental professionals suffer musculoskeletal complaints resulting from their work practices. These generally cause discomfort at different end points – in the neck, low back, shoulders and hand or wrist.
With the support of PSA Insurance, ADAVB conducted the Dentists Wellbeing Ergonomics Project (DWEP) with Productivity Matters to gather data to develop an online resource to help members to prevent and avoid such injuries. This resource is now available!
Launched on 10 August at the ADAVB Convention, the Dentists Wellbeing Ergonomics Programme is an online resource to help you:
  • Understand musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) in the workplace
  • Set yourself up in the best way in the practice
  • Maximise your own comfort and productivity, as well as your overall wellbeing while you are practicing.
ADAVB members can access this programme free at dwep.adavb.org.au