Tuesday, January 22, 2019

New campaign raises awareness of the damage sugary drinks can do to teeth

A hard-hitting campaign launched today, Thirsty, aims to raise awareness of the horrific damage that regular consumption of sugary drinks can do to teeth.
Delivered by the Rethink Sugary Drink initiative, the campaign shows young Australians sporting rotten smiles.
Dentists know all too well about cases like these.
'Nearly 50 per cent of Australian children have tooth decay, and fizzy drinks are a major contributor of added sugar in their diets,' said ADAVB CEO A/Prof Matthew Hopcraft.
'If Australians can simply cut back on sugary drinks or remove them entirely from their diet, their teeth will be much stronger and healthier for it.'
The campaign will run for four weeks, and will be seen across digital platforms and shared widely on social media by health and community organisations.
The ADAVB encourages you to join us in urging Australians to think twice before consuming sugary drinks. Share #rethinksugarydrink social media posts to help get the message out there.

About Rethink Sugary Drink

Rethink Sugary Drink is an initiative comprising 19 health and community organisations (including the Australian Dental Association) concerned about the excessive levels of consumption of sugary drinks in Australia.
Rethink Sugary Drink aims to raise awareness among all Australians on the amount of sugar in sweetened beverages (such as soft drink, energy drinks and sports drinks) and the associated health risks, with young Australians being the primary target. The partnership encourages Aussies to rethink their sugary drink consumption and switch to water, reduced-fat milk or unsweetened options.