Tuesday, October 11, 2016

New eviDent project idea proves a winner!

And the winner of the eviDent project ideas competition is…. Dr Jamie Robertson for his project that seeks to explore the oral health indices of young diabetic patients.

The award was presented at the eviDent Foundation Annual Meeting on Thursday 6 October.

The project seeks to answer:
  • Do the oral health indices of young diabetic adults attending Sunshine Hospital differ from those of matched controls without diabetes?
  • Do these indices also correlate to the diabetic group’s level of glycaemic control?

The project research protocol will be developed, funding will be sought and the investigators will then call for participants. Stay tuned for further updates!

Thanks to all entrants, who submitted dental questions that could be addressed through practice based research. The committee welcomed all suggestions, and included three of those in our eviDent project bank.

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