Friday, February 17, 2017

Your #ADAVBAdvocacy at work: National phase-down of mercury

The ADAVB has represented Victorian member dentists at a public workshop on the national phase-down of mercury. 

The forum was held to consult stakeholders on the proposed ratification of the Minamata Convention on Mercury by Australia, which will obligate the Government to take measures to reduce the release of mercury into the environment.

ADAVB attended the forum to ensure members have a voice in this debate. Victorian members are well placed to align with the Government’s proposal, since our 2008-2011 Dentists for Cleaner Water Program assisted members to install over 700 amalgam separators across the state. We estimate that this has prevented the release of approximately 95 kg of mercury into wastewater annually.

This program was conducted in partnership with the Victorian EPA, and an EPA-licensed mercury recycling specialist, CMA Ecocycle, and utilised $1M of Government grant funding to incentivise voluntary installation of dental amalgam traps and separators.

We encourage members to ensure that their amalgam waste is being recycled by a licensed mercury recycler. CMA Ecocycle has a container-swap program for the management of amalgam waste. They are the only company to be fully licensed by the Environmental Protection Agencies in each state to handle the entire process of recycling mercury-containing waste. 

Your #ADAVBAdvocacy at work.

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