Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Three great reasons to renew your ADAVB membership

Have you renewed your ADAVB membership? Be a part of your professional association and enjoy the valuable benefits of ADA membership. Our recent ADA member survey results told us that members belong to the ADA for support, a sense of community and educational opportunities - three great reasons to renew!

1. Support, advice and assistance
  • Support from our community relations officers (plus free dispute assistance if you are Guild-insured).
  • Assistance with employment issues through the HR advisory services operated by Wentworth Advantage.
  • Confidential support on personal, family and work issues through our member assistance program courtesy of Optum.
2. Community - networking and sharing information
  • Updates on legislation and regulations that affect you, your staff and your patients.
  • Access to a range of essential guidelines, databases, publications and resources.
  • Networking opportunities at meetings, training and social events.
  • Information to guide you at your specific career stage.
3. Free and discounted CPD and training
  • Up to 11 free CPD hours through the Clinical Update, available only to ADAVB members - online and in our monthly Victorian Dentist.
  • Discounted quality unbiased CPD programs, developed to suit your career stage.
  • Access over 140 free practices resources, plus support services, to help you run your practice.
We look forward to your continued membership. We are your association – run for dentists by dentists. We lobby effectively on your behalf, and advocate on issues that are important to you and that promote the oral health of the community.

If you have any queries, or require assistance with your renewal, please contact us on or 03 8825 4600.

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