Thursday, July 06, 2017

Thank you Garry Pearson - ADA's longest serving Branch CEO retires from role

After 26 years as ADAVB CEO, Mr Garry Pearson, the ADA’s longest serving Branch CEO, has retired from the role to move on to his own business interests.

The ADAVB thanks Garry for his extraordinary, loyal and generous commitment to ADAVB members and the community.

Garry worked with a strategic focus, advocating on issues impacting on the dental profession and the oral health of the community.

He developed respectful and effective relationships with government and policy makers, worked tirelessly to address workforce issues, sought collaborations with multiple partner organisations in health promotion and advocacy campaigns, worked strategically with ADA Branches and ADA Inc. and was instrumental in developing partnerships to grow the professional support and education benefits available for Victorian dentists. He dealt compassionately with members; and the oral health of Victorians was central in the initiatives he developed or supported.

Garry worked with 28 presidents and 14 councils over his 26-year tenure. His standout achievements include but are not limited to:

  • Establishment of the eviDent Foundation to promote and enable oral health research at the practitioner level – the first of its kind - with special thanks to the Melbourne Dental School and Oral Health CRC for their shared vision.
  • Creation of the ADAVB Practice Plus service which delivers high quality practice admin and management resources.
  • Establishment of Dentists for Cleaner Water project which involved a partnership with Victorian EPA and Water Boards.
  • Development of the ADAVB/Professionals Australia alliance to assist public dentists (who are paid up to 40% less than interstate equivalents) with EBA negotiations.
  • Launch of the Health Sector Leadership Program, in collaboration with Leadership Victoria, which aims to support the development of future leaders from a range of professional associations within the health sector..

We know that many of Garry’s colleagues will join us in thanking Garry for his incredible dedication and hard work. Thank you Garry, from all members, Council, Executive and staff, and best wishes for your next chapter.