Tuesday, October 17, 2017

eviDent Foundation launches new website

The eviDent Foundation has launched its new website:


The website promotes the diverse range of collaborative research projects that explore the connection between oral health and overall health. The website also lists eviDent's latest news and upcoming events such as the Great Ocean Road Walk.

The eviDent Foundation is a health-promotion charity supporting Australia’s only Dental Practice Based Research Network. It is an initiative of the Australian Dental Association Victorian Branch and the Oral Health Cooperative Research Centre.

eviDent aims to encourage relationships between practitioners and academic researchers. By building research capacity to produce and use evidence, eviDent facilitates and supports dental practices to produce and disseminate evidence that can translate into practice and inform policy.

Some of these practice based research projects include:
  • Dental health and attitudes in young adults aged 15–25 years with diabetes mellitus
  • Facilitators and barriers to oral health for children with cardiac conditions
  • Body dysmorphic disorder: A practice-based study
  • Say Ahhh: What do GPs, dentists and community pharmacists do about bad breath?
  • Oral cancer risk test: An improved approach to early oral cancer detection and prevention
  • Diet advice in the dental setting

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