Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Child Dental Benefits Schedule a "success", departmental review

The Federal Opposition says that the Government’s intention to scrap the Child Dental Benefits Schedule flies in the face of a departmental review which found that the scheme was a success.

Claiming that the Government had attempted to bury the report, Shadow Health Minister Ms Catherine King (pictured) said the Department of Health review repudiates attempts to end the scheme.

The report states: “ … the Panel noted the success of the CDBS in targeting the oral health of young Australians at an age where preventative health measures can be most effective”. Ms King noted that the report says that “the CDBS has been poorly promoted”.

Health Minister Ms Sussan Ley has said that she thinks that the means-tested scheme is not an effective use of funds.

The Australian Dental Association disagrees. Marshaling members and encouraging them to enlist the support of patients, ADA is urging the Government to retain the scheme.